Hello, and thanks for visiting our page. We hope that you are healthy and safe in this trouble-filled time.

We have suspended instructional activities in accordance with City and State Mandates, and just plain common sense. We miss our students and eagerly await the time when once again we can dance as couples. Till then, we will keep our activities virtual. 

Bill is currently presenting a virtual "Techniques and Solo Choreography" series for the Huntsville/Madison County Senior Center. For information on this free service, please contact them at [email protected]

In the meantime, #UseAMask, #PracticeSocialDistancing, and #SanitizeRegularly. Until a vaccine is ready, these are the only things we can do to stay healthy. 

Sending Love and Light for all!

Our instructional technique focuses on breaking down complex dance patterns into easily understood components. These are then integrated into the step sequences and rhythms that define each dance. Our goal is to develop students that are comfortable while dancing, and *Look Good* while doing it!

We provide dance instruction from basic to advanced levels in the American Smooth, Latin, and Swing Dance Genres. We also instruct in the more-refined International Style.

On Technique: Knowing *how* is as important as knowing *what*. We understand that with proper form the most basic pattern becomes elegant. 

We invite you to come Dance on our Star!

Best way to contact: EMAIL [email protected] or TEXT to 256/604-7537 or call and leave message

Keep Dancing!